Children’s Art Sale

We have teamed up again with Original Works to set up a children’s art work sale for this spring. The school art teacher had your children create their artwork. Their creations were sent off to Original Works, scanned in and are now available for online ordering.

When you are ready to order you can get to the gallery login page here. (Our School Code is Westhl, the Image Titles are formatted as Westhl000 and the student codes are formatted as 348000 with zeros in those numbers replaced by a specific three digit code assigned to your student.)

Almost* every student will be bringing home a customized order flyer with details and a unique student code to access and order products with their customized art work. See example below:

You can now access their online store with your child’s unique codes and see their artwork on your choice of dozens of products.

The order deadline is April 20th with delivery expected the second week in May, just in time for Mother’s Day.

*A handful of students will not be bringing a flyer home. (They may not have had artwork available to submit, or Original Works may not have been able to scan it in correctly.) If you want to still be included in our fundraiser there is a manual artwork order option available. Please reach out to us and we will explain the process and work with you to follow the necessary steps.