Family Fun

WEST helps staff and organize both in school and after school programs that add a lot of enjoyment to the school year.

This year we are again trying to plan more fun outings outside of school using the size and success of WEST in order to find ever new ways to enrich our students experiences.

For February we are offering our yearly outing to Four Seasons Golf & Ski Center in Fayetteville. See full details in the flyer below or use these links to sign up for Thursday, February 15th or Tuesday, February 20th.

If you have an idea for a family fun outing, please reach out to us and help us plan something new.

Go to our Past Events page and our Summer page to see some of the highlights of what else WEST has done in the past couple of years.

Check out our “2021 Infinity Yearbook” page for videos of some of the fun WEST has been a part of in the last couple of school years.